Comparison: gas powered cars and electric cars

Gas powered cars are seen as cleaner and efficient option compared to standard vehicles. We use gasoline to provide enough power to drive the transmission and eventually turn the wheel. Natural gas is a fuel that’s already in a gaseous state, which eliminates the need for some components. When burnt, gas is cleaner than liquid fuel that is sprayed into the air.

Although gas is cleaner, it still produces some amount of carbon dioxide and other gasses. Natural gasses require million years to produce and it’s not a sustainable source of energy. Gas powered cars need to use a large quantity of lubricants and coolant to keep the system running smoothly.

Electric cars still need to use a limited amount of lubricant, especially on the moving parts; but the overall design is simpler and cleaner. Less friction also means that electric cars are durable and can last longer. People who are concerned with green environment should choose electric cars instead. This will allow them to achieve a completely cleaner solution.

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