History of Electric Cars

Unlike gasoline cars, electric cars are propelled by electric energy that is converted into mechanical energy. Electric charges are stored in the battery bank that can be steadily converted. The first prototype of electric cars appeared in the 1880’s, however, due to limitations in technology, combustion engines were considered more suitable for mass production.

Gasoline was also more affordable than electric power. The technology on batteries reached to a point where electric cars became more viable in 2000’s. The new car models are getting tax breaks, grants and tax benefits from local authorities and governments. Due to all the benefits, the market for electric cars begins to grow, especially because of the attempts to reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses emissions.

You should check benefits in the local area for using electric cars. Find out what you can get by selling your standard car and choosing a new electric car model. You also need to consult your car insurance provider, to know whether there are also some benefits and reductions in premium.

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