How to Start With Electric Car Conversion Project?

Before starting with an electric car conversion project, all you need to do is to perform proper research. You should know what to do and what to expect. It’s a bit more than just ripping out the engine and the surrounding components, then installing the motor and battery pack.

The first thing to learn is to know how electric cars work. It means that the more details you know, the better. Often, the best source for information is online forums, where we can ask interactively with other users. A day asking critical questions in online forum could be equal to a week’s worth of research, because books and websites don’t always provide the answer to the nagging questions that you have.

If possible, you should also join car conversion group in the area, so you can watch first-hand how DIY car conversion project should be performed. If you know that more than a few people have been successful with the electric car conversion project, you will have much less anxiety when starting with it.

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