The compact size of electric cars

For many people, the size of a car is a big consideration. They often have limited garage space and they want to park more easily in a crowded city where parking space is at a premium. Regular cars are heavy with bulky engine and all of its supporting components. Even electric cars with relatively ample space, still have reasonably compact size. Because electric cars are lighter and more compact, they could become very power efficient.

One big concern about electric cars is that they are fragile and won’t withstand impacts. However, some electric car models are already equipped with various safety features, such as protective cages that protect the driver and passengers from violent impacts.  For family purposes, you may choose SUV sized electric cars that can accommodate more passengers and luggage. Due to the larger loads, these cars may require bigger battery packs, which are heavier. So, you need to find a good balance between internal cabin volume and the overall performance of the car.

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