What to do before converting your standard car?

Before converting your gasoline-powered car, it is important to clean it first. Electric car is grease free and clean, so you should achieve the same condition. Also, a clean working environment will ensure that your project will proceed much faster. You may need to repaint some of the components, especially in areas where grease tend to accumulate when the car still used gasoline.

After all the unneeded components have been removed, it is time to perform the necessary installation process. Doing this could require some amount of precision and careful execution. So, you may need to read the instructions manual. Wiring the cables can be quite complicated, so you need to do this quite properly. Bad wiring may ruin you newly converted car in the process.

If there’s no one that can assist you with such an intricate process, you should make sure that the manual is clear enough and it offers detailed instructions on how to proceed with each small step. You will need to test run the newly converted vehicle frequently to make sure that everything works properly.

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