What Will Happen if All Gasoline Cars Are Replaced with Electric Models

Eventually, there’s a good possibility that all gasoline and diesel powered cars will be replaced by electric cars. It isn’t a mere idea and actually a big possibility. The biggest barrier in widespread adoption of electric cars is the bulky and expensive batteries with relatively limited capacity.

Eventually, we will come with up a technology that allows for a much smaller and affordable battery with much larger capacity. It may take decades for us to reach that level. Even the cleanest economy car still emits plenty of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse cars throughout its lifetime. So, electric cars are things that are made out of necessity. In urban areas, the situation will be much cleaner and the real goal is allow electric cars to reach a cost effective level.

The relatively low oil price in recent years may put a hold on widespread adoption of electric cars, but these car models won’t disappear. We will see that these cars will continue to become a favourite choice among some car users who want to replace their dirty fossil-powered cars.

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