What You Should Know About the Battery of Used Electric Car?

There are many considerations when choosing an electric vehicle and you should start with a battery pack. A regular lead acid battery pack usually holds an energy charge comparable one US gallon of gasoline. This is particularly true if you choose an older converted car, because a lead acid battery pack is commonly found in many conversion kits.

Compared to lithium ion battery backs, the older lead acid model usually offers fewer charge cycles and less energy density. It should be noted that a typical lead acid battery pack will start to degrade after undergoing more than 750 charge cycles. So, it is important to check condition of the battery before you purchase and older electric vehicle. The cost of replacing a battery pack could reach about a few thousand dollars, so you should include this component in the overall value of the car. You may need to us a specific tool to check the condition of the battery, while it’s fully charged.

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