Benefits of choosing a PHEV

If you are not yet ready to go fully electric, it is a good idea to choose PHEV or plug in hybrid vehicles. It is actually a HEV with bigger battery pack and you should be able to charge it from the wall socket. The car can be operated full in electric mode through a control system. With the wall charging feature, you should be able to obtain power directly from the utility grid, such as hotels and restaurants. For completely clean operations, you could draw power from completely green sources, such as wind turbine, nearby hydroelectric power plants and solar cells.

For usage in urban areas, PHEV should be more than suitable, reaching about 35mph in full electrical mode. Depending on the type of the batteries, the travelling range may vary, but usually less than 50 miles with a single charge. PHEV usually has a bigger electric motor and a small internal combustion engine as an extender to charge the battery or run the car itself.

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