Comparing hybrid and electric cars

Many people are not ready to abandon gasoline entirely due to a number of obvious reasons. For them, gasoline cars are more practical and have better range. This is especially true for people who travel more than 100 miles each day. The relatively short range of electric cars and the slow charging process give drivers plenty of anxiety during long-distance trips. If you need to travel a longer distance, you should choose electric cars with small engine that can keep the battery properly charged. This should give you a reasonable range during long-distance trips.

These engines are in essence not a full-blown gasoline engine, but can be seen as a kind of extender. It is possible to achieve 290 mpg with this kind of design arrangement. For urban trips, latest electric cars should be quite sufficient and you don’t need to charge the car battery every day. During long trips, you make a plan where you should make a stop, especially if the next recharging station is too far away without a fully-charged battery pack.

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