Differences between gasoline engine and electric motor

It’s easy to see that gasoline engines are loud and dirty, while electric motors are silent and cleaner. This becomes more apparent when you pop up the hood and check the internal parts of the car. You will notice that the gasoline engine is replaced with an electric motor. The controller gets its power from the rechargeable batteries and the power is directed to the controller. Just like any electronic device, electric cars are also full of electric wiring and components. There are no more fuel lines, entry manifolds, radiators, exhaust pipes and many other components.

You should get distinct experience when driving. Electric cars are known for their low center of gravity. You will also get outstanding handling and swift acceleration when using electric cars. Another advantage of owning electric car is that you have a cleaner surrounding. You will notice that the car is almost silent and there’s no more noxious fume in the garage. You won’t find the sticky drips of oil in the driveway. Electric cars are so smooth that they do feel like something from the future.

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