Limitations of Electric Cars

Despite their benefits, there are also some limitations of electric cars that we should know. An immediate drawback of driving an electric car is that the range on the Lithium ion batteries can be quite short, no more than 300 miles. The battery itself is quite heavy and the cost of replacing is quite high.

The replacement cost also includes the need of disposing the old batteries. Compared to gas stations, there are still relatively few recharging stations available for electric cars. Charging the car at home isn’t always convenient, especially for people who stay in apartments or those who can’t park near the home. In order to deal with these disadvantages, we should choose car models with longer mileage.

Despite all the limitations, eventually electric cars will become more common in the future. The fuel price may be quite stable recently due to the increased production of shale oil, but this won’t last forever. As electric cars become cheaper and become more accepted, there will be significantly more infrastructure for these car models.

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